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If you missed it...

VE Day Interview

Alresford based; Betty Tring shares her wartime memories of the WRAF in this audio recording to celebrate VE day. 


She brings to life the training, the tactics, the wool pants, the mishaps, the guilt, the sadness and the celebrations. 

By her 18th birthday Betty packed all her possessions in carrier bag, had passed her WRAF test and left home for a training camp in Cheshire with 6,000 other brave young ladies. 

By her own admission, training taught her morality, order and responsibility and stood her in good stead for the placement in, the secret registry office of, HQ Balloon Command in Middlesex.  These huge balloons were strategically placed to hinder German fighter pilots.  She admits, late in life as a grandmother, she felt guilty of quite how successful the balloons were at bringing down the planes.

Betty’s crystal-clear memories of this time, including celebrations on VE day and at Buckingham Palace, her adjustment to rationing and her tiny and amusing service blemish are a fantastic glimpse at times past. What really stands out is her love for the camaraderie she experienced and her gratitude for learning how to appreciate life.

Betty Tring photo.jpeg
Interview with Betty Tring
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